(It’s Not) The End By Magnus Gjoen


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Former Vivienne Westwood designer, Magnus Gjoen knows a thing or two about style. Having recently turned his hand to the art of print making, Gjoen creates images that are full of startling beauty as well as a profundity of thought: his art explores the interaction between power and fragility, juxtaposing the two states for maximum conceptual effect. Set into a black frame, ’(It’s Not) The End’ depicts a barren, grey landscape, all dense clouds, leafless trees, and stagnant ponds, stretching back as far as the eye can see. Gjoen has glazed the image with a sheet of glass, onto which are printed the words ‘The End’, in filmic, 1930s script. For his finishing tough, Gjoen has smashed the glazing panel, violently disrupting our expectations in this bold confrontation with the value of contemporary art.