Hama Video Connecting Cable Scart Male Plug – 3 RCA Male Plugs, 1.5 m


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Want to watch the videos from your camcorder on the big screen immediately you can with the Hama video connecting cableIf you been on a family day out and shot some really good footage but don want to wait until you converted it to a watchable DVD before viewing then get the Hama video connecting cable You can come home and straight away plug your camcorder into your television and relive the lovely day that night! Simply plug one end of the cable into your camcorder and the other end into your TV and navigate the controls from the comfort of your sofa while the 15m cable easily stretches to your TV A computer screen doesn always do moving pictures justice make it easy to decide which bits you need to edit or cut out by getting the full viewing experience on your television set The connecting cable has an INOUT switch to change the signal direction