153litre Fridge Freezer Class A+ Auto Defrost White



""The Amica FK1964 Fridge Freezer comes equipt with 110 litre fridge capacity, and a 61 litre freezer capacity. It possesses a superb Class "A+" Energy Rating which is not only kind to the environment, but its efficiency will save you money on your monthly bills. This Amica contains some super exclusive technology, including saftey glass, which can hold up to 100kg! The shelves also contain an overflow protection system with the raised lip at the edge of the shelves for such things as spillages. Other Amica technology includes the antibacteria system. Special material used to construct the refrigerator protects the fridge from mould and bacteria so that your food remains fresh and no unpleasant smells are emmitted from the fridge. The automatic defrosting also means that you will never have to manually defrost this Amica FK1964 Fridge Freezer. ""